Morphology is a “best of breed game.” If I were to choose between charades, Pictionary, and Morphology for an evening with friends, Morphology would be my pick every time.

Morphology – A Board Game Review

When you are looking for a fun game to play offline with your friends, there is a new game that will keep you laughing for hours. Are you a Pictionary fan who can’t draw a straight line? With Morphology you can create all sorts of pictures without drawing a stroke.

Morphology is a group game, meaning that you need at least three of your best friends, or near strangers, to come over and play with you. Pick teams, like you would for charades, and let the good times roll. Unlike charades, you’re not part of the game, per se, you’re more like a puppeteer of odd bits. The box has a bunch of odd bits and pieces, like black rings, a little wooden barrel, string, colored blocks, and wooden people to name a few, along with a stack of word cards. Your job is to build the words out of the bits and pieces and have your team member figure it out, if they do, you move forward on the lily pad board.

There are a couple of interesting twists. If you land on a spot called Roll, you have to roll the die, included, and follow the instructions. You may have to build your word with your eyes closed, with only one type of building piece, or with only your weak hand. If the team that is “up” doesn’t get the word, one of the other teams can intercept the word during a 10 second burst. For more of the specifics you can look at the rules.

Morphology for less than four players

Although the box says that you need four people to play Morphology, there are actually recommendations online for variations on the game for two and three people, which I highly recommend that you take a look at, if you’re like me and enjoy a fun game with someone special.

A Great Way to Study for Vocabulary Tests!

I love this twist on the game. Are you tired of studying the usual way for your language vocabulary tests? Substitute your vocabulary words on flash cards for the cards in the game, get your study group together, and make your studying productive and fun! Your bio study group will never be the same!

Studying by yourself? Use your word list and see how many you can build during a set period of time. Adding the additional dimension of building the words will help reinforce the translation of the words in your mind, and help you to remember them for your exams.

I definitely recommend Morphology as a purchase this year. Get away from the electronic games and try something with a little creative building behind it.

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