There is so much to learn about the ocean. Just today there were two stories about whales posted: one on whales being stranded in Australia, and one on a fascinating find in Chile.

We can learn more about how whales function in the open ocean, and perhaps help avert some of the dangers that injure or strand them along their way.

According to:

urfatimnoturfatimnot – @urfatimnot

22 sperm whales die in Australia – Yahoo! News via @YahooNews

We seem to be losing more whales to the dangers along the way…


Josie Horsley – @JosHorsLove
Ancient whale ‘graveyard’ discovered in Chile

We are learning so much exploring the oceans.  When people say there is nothing new to learn on this planet, they are so amazingly wrong.  It will be fascinating to find out what we learn from this new find.

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