Crazy Graviton

Crazy Graviton

Crazy Graviton is a colorful mixture of pinball, pong and brickshooter! It’s set in a futuristic and scientific storyline, packed with mind blowing action and eye candy graphics.

Your mission is to hunt down as many Nanoparticles as possible in a given Timeframe and destroy them to make the Crazy Graviton work again! To accomplish your mission you have a Nanobot that you can move through all the environments (levels) of the Crazy Graviton and two Nanopaddles, which bounce the Nanobot on hit. Need to pause for a few moments? Push [p] to pause the game.

Each level has its own Timeframe. Within each Timeframe you need to destroy as many Nanoparticles as possible and reach the Nanogoal to get to the next level. If you don’t get to the Nanogoal in time your Nanobot burns up and your mission is over.

Use your arrow keys to move your Nanobot, and your mouse to move your side flippers.

Warning: This game is slow to load and needs a fair amount of memory, however the game is cool enough that we think it can be worth it. Good luck!

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