Lemonade Stand Game

lmnadethumbLemonade Stand – You have 30 days to run a lemonade stand. See how much money you can make!

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Game Directions

Directions for the Lemonade Stand Game

Have you ever wondered if you would be good at running your own business?
Well here is your chance! You now have your very own lemonade stand and
30 days to try and make some money. Here are a few things you need to
know before you start.

After you click PLAY, you are shown a room with a window and a T.V. This
is where you find out what kind of weather your day will have. The weather
will change every day. Some days it will rain. Do you think people will
want to stop and buy lemonade in the rain? Probably not, so you might
not want to make any lemonade at all on those days. Some days it will
be hot and sunny and on those days, you will want to make plenty of lemonade
to sell.

Once you know what the weather is like for the day, look next to where
it says ASSETS. Asset means how much money you have right now. You will
spend some of this money on making lemonade and signs for your stand so
the amount will change every day.

Under the ASSETS is your COST PER GLASS. This is how much it will cost
you to make one glass of lemonade. The COST PER GLASS will change everyday
so pay attention!

What you have to do now is decide how many advertising signs to make.
Each sign costs 25¢ and this is subtracted from your ASSET amount.
Fill in the first box with the number of signs you want to make.

Next you will decide how much to charge for each glass of lemonade. Be
careful! People won’t buy your lemonade if you charge too much.
But remember, you must charge more then what it costs to make each glass
to make any money at all. Fill in the second box with the amount you want
to charge.

Finally, decide how many glasses of lemonade to make for the day. Remember
how much the COST PER GLASS is before you spend too much. After you have
filled in the 3 boxes, click on GO!

Did your ASSETS go up? If so, you made money!! At the end of the day
you will get a statement that tells you how much you charged per glass,
how many glasses you made, and how many you sold. It also adds up the
expenses, which is the money you spent on signs and making lemonade. Your
NET PROFIT is how much money you made that day. At the top right of your
screen it will tell you what day of the month it is.

Remember you have 30 days of following the steps above to try and make
a bunch of money! GOOD LUCK!

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35 Responses to “Lemonade Stand Game”

  1. amantha says:

    game would not work for me

  2. ClassBrain says:

    Virtually every game on our site requires Flash and/or Shockwave plugins.
    Click here for the latest Flash Player
    Click here for the latest Shockwave Player

    Click here for FireFox Plugins

    Updating these players will fix your problem. :)

  3. LIS says:

    its not working for me either and i do not want to download them on my computer.

  4. ClassBrain says:

    You probably need to update your shockwave and flash plugins. Please see our troublehooting page.

  5. ClassBrain says:

    I’m afraid that most games need Shockwave and Flash plugins installed in your browser to work. They are very easy to install and are available from Adobe, which is a reputable company. You won’t have to worry about anything happening to your computer. These games can’t be played without the plugins.

  6. LOVE your site, will visit again :) Submitted this post to Google News Reader.

  7. emma says:

    This game looks awesome

  8. Alyssa says:

    i hate it i can’t play it and i don’t want to download it. it sucks.

  9. ClassBrain says:

    Please update your Flash and Shockwave plugins to play this game.



  11. Aunt Maggies Honey Lemonade Recipe: 1/2 gallon warm water, 1/2 cup honey, 1/4 cup sugar, 1/2 cup fresh lemon juice. Just mix it all with your hands (their warmth will disolve the honey and sugar) and pour mixture into a gallon container filled 3/4 with ice. You can experiment with different style honeys for more unique blends.

  12. Someone says:

    I don’t see a play button!

  13. Scott says:

    I broke $125. Is that good?

  14. ClassBrain says:

    It’s the big yellow circle to the left of the title under the picture of the game.

  15. This game is fun but it needs a little more “splash”!! If you know what I mean, if it means make it more fun:(

  16. ana says:

    ok i have tride this game like 100 times and it stil will not work

  17. ana says:

    i played this game at school and i had no problem but at my house i tryed and it wont work

  18. ClassBrain says:

    It means you need to update some of your browser plugins at home. Have your mom and dad check their browser for the most recent version, and the Flash and Shockwave plugins for updates. :)

  19. Emily says:

    This game doesn’t WORK i would love to play it if it would work!! :(

  20. ClassBrain says:

    Emily, you just have to update your Flash and Shockwave plugins or switch browsers. We’ve checked it with FireFox and Safari browsers and it works fine. Here’s the link to our troubleshooting section: http://www.classbraingames.com/about/troubleshooting/

  21. thundergirl says:

    I don’t see a yellow circle under the picture of the game.
    i want to play this game, but it doesn’t work :(

  22. ClassBrain says:

    You should see the yellow circle to the left of the title Lemonade Stand. If not, please visit our troubleshooting page.

  23. BAMN says:


  24. ClassBrain says:

    This game has been checked on Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. Your computer plugins are probably out of date. Please check our troubleshooting page for links to the plugins

  25. heather says:

    this site is awesome but the lemonade stand game wont load!GRRRRRRRRRRRR…..!

  26. ClassBrain says:

    I”m sorry that you are having trouble with the lemonade stand. It seems to have trouble with certain browsers. If you have updated your plugins you might want to try a different browser. We’ve tried it with Safari and Firefox without any problems.

  27. davierre says:

    this game is cool

  28. lauren says:

    this game is amazing. I play it at school and sometimes at home
    i luv it

  29. Not happy... says:

    The school does not allow you to download anything without permision, so we cant play this game at school.

  30. ClassBrain says:

    This game doesn’t need to be downloaded. It should load fine on your computers if they have their plugins reasonably up to date.

  31. Doomie says:


  32. I concur, doomie says:

    I agree, but you dont know. maybe that was when those plugins were new.

  33. ClassBrain says:

    It’s not the site, because I check it constantly, when one of the games stops working or has a glitch, I either fix it or remove it. A lot of groups unfortunately do not keep up with their Flash updates and it can cause difficulties. I”m sorry if you’ve had trouble loading any of the games.

  34. bossboy69 says:

    this gameis sosocool

  35. TITUSMAN says:

    Wait, do people want to play this game?
    All you do is sell lemonade and lose all of your money.
    My favorite game 10/10

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