Banana Angles Hunt

bananasThis math game lets kids practice estimating angles. Drag the monkey to the location of the specified angle to gather a bunch of bananas. See which kid in math class can gather the largest bunch of bananas in ten tries.

Source: Courtesy of Oswego School District



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15 Responses to “Banana Angles Hunt”

  1. alyssa says:

    math is fun!forever

  2. Jordan says:

    We can’t access the game. When we click on the game, all we get is a JPEG of the game, not entry into the game itself

  3. ClassBrain says:

    I’ve double checked the game, and it’s functioning correctly. Click on the hand in the lower right to start. You’ll see the first game question. It looks like a jpeg, but you need to move the monkey that is hanging at 90 degrees to the new degree location. The angle is shown in yellow at the vertex. If you are close to the angle requested, you’ll be awarded with bananas. The closer to the degree requested, the more bananas you receive. Have fun!

  4. harold says:

    math is so fun that i will get online every day

  5. hello says:

    hello this game is weird

  6. Cow says:

    I Love this stupid game.

  7. G Money! says:

    I found this game helped me a lot with my angles. My teacher gave us this for home work one night and i found that i enjoyed it.

  8. saniat rahman says:


  9. Loser dude says:

    LOLOLOLOLOLOL awesomly wierd game!

  10. Anonomous says:

    I cant access the game. It white-screens on me whenever I click the hand.

  11. Moo Moo Cowman says:


  12. ninja dude says:

    wow :-)

  13. mullinsmarvelousones says:

    My students love this game!

  14. ClassBrain says:

    I just tested it out on my computer and it is functioning correctly. If you are on an ipad you will not be able to access the game since it is written in Flash which Mac ipad does not support.


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